Good times at FCC Free Radio.

Ashley Clayton

Kicking it at the studio.

What a nice way to start a Monday. Ash Clayton and I stopped by FCC Free Radio this morning as the musical guest for Stage Time with Steven Alan Green. We played a special version of Glass Coffin, featuring ukulele and theremin. You can listen to the podcast here.

Thank you very much to Steven for having us on his show, and to his lovely co-host Justine for inviting us. We had a wonderful time.

The art department is just getting warmed up.


Time to get your smock on.

I had the enviable pleasure of working with artist Alisa Javits at her home studio all afternoon, getting some paint and a lot of imagination on canvas for the set of The Ape Woman. The idea is to keep it light and portable so that, in the spirit of the circus, we can roll it all up and take the show on the road.

I am amazed at how many artists, like Alisa, have chosen to get involved with the show on such a bareknuckle, all-day-long level. In honor of these hardworking ape appreciators, I’ll be adding a new feature to the website to host their bios and links to their work. Stay tuned for that. If great art is an opportunity for generosity, collaboration, and co-creation, then I guess this is it.

The Ape Woman at The Berkshire Fringe

The Ape Woman at The Berkshire Fringe: July 31st through August 5th.

Opening night is pick-your-own-price! August 3rd is artist talk-back night!

The Berkshire Fringe 2013 features…

50 emerging artists & ensembles appearing in
49 shows and special events over
21 days featuring
9 mind blowing original productions and
3 world premieres.

We are blown away and honored by the opportunity. Please join us in beautiful Great Barrington, Massachusetts this summer.