Thank You Boston, Thanks Again Pit Stop!

The Ape Woman just finished our second three-show run, December 7th through 9th! It was a smash, to say the least, and we were thrilled with the turnout and response every night.

On Friday, Club Passim in Cambridge was packed with old friends, Vineyard cheerleaders, and a lot of completely unfamiliar faces.

Saturday and Sunday we performed back on home turf at The Pit Stop Workshop Co., to grateful and enthusiastic audiences. Stay tuned on our Gallery page for more production photos (in new costumes!) from Dan Waters, Katie Ruppel, and others.

Special thanks to James Reed for his wonderful preview article in The Boston Globe, which you can read from our Press page. Huge thanks also to Ellie Wetherbee and Alisa Javits for the extraordinary decorating job all three nights, strewing roses, ferns, and baby’s breath artfully around our stages. Crushing rose petals under my flamenco heels as I stepped onto the stage definitely brought the experience to the next level.

Next stop: San Francisco! Details forthcoming for our West Coast premiere this June!

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